All Pending UG, PG Final Semester Exams Cancelled In Odisha also Read the Alternative Evaluation Scheme – [Covid-19]

In view of the Covid crisis, the Higher Education Department of Odisha has cancelled the undergraduate and postgraduate final semester examinations for all State Public Universities and Autonomous Colleges, except for medical/ paramedical and pharmacy courses.

Through a notification dated June 18, 2020, it is intimated that final year students whose examinations could not be conducted, will be promoted on the basis of an “alternative evaluation method” by August, 2020.

Alternative evaluation method

Marks for Final Year/Final Semester papers will be awarded as per the below given formula:

Marks to be awarded for Final Year/Final Semester papers = (Internal Mark as per Prescribed Weightage) + (Practical Mark as per Prescribed Weightage, if applicable) + (Average of marks obtained in all previous semesters/years in the corresponding papers of that subject, for the remaining weightage)

Where Practical examination has not been conducted, the average of marks obtained in Practical Papers of all previous semesters/years in the corresponding Practical Papers of that subject will be awarded as the Practical examination mark for Final Year/Final Semester

Dissertation/ Project/ Internally Evaluated Papers shall be evaluated by the internal examiners out of full marks allotted for the papers.

Note: The alternative evaluation method shall not be applicable for universities and colleges where the examinations have already conducted. In such cases, the normal evaluation method shall be followed.


The Department has stated that in case of any grievance with the above mentioned method, the students may appear in a special examination, which will be conducted by Universities/ Autonomous Colleges by November, 2020 and the results of the same will be declared by December, 2020.

The final result mark sheet shall be revised as per the student’s performance in the special examination, irrespective of whether s/he secures more or less mark than what is awarded to him through alternative evaluation method,” the notification states.

Back Papers

The Department has clarified that pending back paper examinations for Final Year/ Final Semester students shall be cancelled, to a maximum two back papers.

Students, who have more than two Back Papers, will have to appear in the regular examination in all the Back Papers.

For UG and PG Intermediate Semesters/ Year Examinations, 2020 students

The Department has decided that the intermediate even Semesters/ Year Examination shall not be held for the current academic session 2019-20.

The students of the aforesaid semesters/ year(s) shall be automatically promoted to next semesters/ Year for 2020-21 academic session, on the basis of an alternative evaluation method to be decided by the Universities and Colleges themselves, as per their Examination Regulations, conforming to UGC guidelines. However, Back Paper examination shall be held as usual.

In case of Yearly system (Annual) of examination, there will be regular examinations for the Ist year students of 2019-2020 session as per schedule to be notified by the University/College.

Published by Sneha Vishwakarma

Advocate, Bombay High court.

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